Who We Are

Blue Gas Marine, Inc. was founded to meet the need to: BOAT MORE OFTEN.

Blue Gas Marine, Inc. is a leader in the marine industry, pioneering natural gas fueling solutions for boaters around the world. We provide innovative marine fuel-system solutions for boat propulsion and on-board power generation that are cleaner and significantly more affordable to operate than any other in the market.

We focus on creating technology that makes boats run on Natural Gas (Compressed and Liquefied) and connect boaters to the fuel through fueling solutions on the water at marinas, at home and with mobile fueling stations. We also connect boaters to the nearly 3,000 public and private natural gas fuel stations across the country. By simultaneously solving the challenges of operating marine engines on natural gas and making the fuel available to boaters, Blue Gas Marine, Inc. provides the only practical solution that beats the prices of Gasoline and Diesel by a large margin.

What We Do

We do not build boats but work with the leading boat manufacturers….

We do not build boat engines but work with the leading engine manufacturers….

To make the boats and engines more cost efficient by running on clean and affordable natural gas. We produce an award winning fuel system add-on that effectively turns any boat with any engine into a hybrid bi-fuel or dual-fuel system which can then operate on natural gas, or traditional fuel (gasoline or diesel), or both fuels combined, all with the touch of a button, at any speed, seamlessly.

This technology:

  • Extents the life of the engines
  • Extents the range of the boat
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Matches original performance
  • Removes all exhaust smoke and odor while operating under natural gas.
  • Removes water pollution and many air pollutants

We provide the on-board fuel system and the fuel. That’s right, we can equip you with a home fill station for CNG so you never have to trailer your boat to a public station again. This is the ultimate boating freedom, spend more time on the water, no lines, no hassle.   We also provide fueling solutions on the water at marinas and there are already thousands of public CNG stations on-land for trailered boats. If all that still does not have your needs covered, we have mobile filling stations that can deploy service in your area.

What are you waiting on….ready to run your boat on natural gas?

Ready to turn your other on-board generators, stove, barbeque, heaters and other equipment that now runs on propane or gasoline into natural gas? We do that too.

Imagine being able to run all your on-board systems on a single fuel. That is the power of natural gas enabled by our engineering. A streamlined efficient system with one stop fill-up for all your on-board fueling needs.

Connect with us today and see how we can help you BOAT MORE OFTEN.