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Gasoline Single Helm Control

BGM Helm-Control for a single-engine boat.

This is what you’ve been dreaming about, a fuel system that lets you boat more often, by saving you money with an affordable fuel and greater fuel efficiency. We can add our natural gas fuel system to your current boat and engine at a marine service center near you, or get a new boat with our system already built-in from factory. Our system works on all major brands of engines. Suzuki, Yamaha, Mercury, Honda, Indmar etc.. The installation takes less than two days. The system pays for itself overtime through fuel savings and the amazing efficiency of running 130-octane natural gas fuel.

The BGM Hybrid system for Gasoline boats provides 3 modes of operation:

  • 100% Natural Gas
  • Hybrid mix of Nat Gas + Gasoline.
  • 100% Gasoline

A boat operator can switch between the 3 modes of operation on-demand and at any speed. The engine can also start ignition on any of the 3 modes of operation.

Natural Gas Mode: This mode provides the maximum fuel efficiency and fuel cost savings and also it is the cleanest mode of operation, eliminating all smoke and exhaust odor. Running without exhaust smoke means no carbon deposits in your engine, keeping lubrication oil clean and extending the life of engines and reducing maintenance costs and repairs. Modules are added to the boat to allow for Natural Gas to be used and stored in the form of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas).

Hybrid Mix of Natural Gas/Gasoline: This mode provides the same exact acceleration as gasoline while primarily using Natural Gas and small quantities of Gasoline. This mode was made for maximum performance that matches gasoline performance, but at a much lower cost and while still providing great operational cleanliness to the engine. This also allows an operator to use both fuels at the same time.

Gasoline Mode: This mode is the original capability of the engine that is retained in its unaltered state. This allows the flexibility to temporarily operate the boat in areas where Natural Gas is not yet available or as a backup source of fuel that extends range when needed.

Compatibility: All 4-stroke engines, naturally aspirated air intake and turbo/supercharged, outboards and inboards. Yamaha, Mercury, Mercruiser, Suzuki, Honda, Crusader, and others.

Manufacturing Process: Our on-board Nat Gas systems are engine-model and engine-year specific, so when we make a hybrid system add-on, we build it on top of that model and perform computer controlled tuning and dynamometer testing on the same model and same year engine before sending the system to be installed on the customer’s engines, that’s how we guarantee 100% compatibility and power retention on natural gas.

Gasoline Duel Helm Control

BGM Dual Helm-Control for twin engine boat.

Our system works on all major brands of gasoline-propulsion engines*.


Inquire about other engine brands. We are always adding more!

*Blue Gas Marine is an independent manufacturer; our products are not sourced or sponsored by any of these manufacturers.


BGM-YAMAHA-Fuel-Efficiency-and-Consumption (149kb)



  • 70% less fuel cost than Gasoline
  • 40% less fuel consumption
  • Zero carbon deposits in the engine
  • Fast pay-back on the BGM natural gas fuel system, typically 6 months to 1 year
  • Reduces air and water pollution by 70%
  • Eliminates all engine smoke and
    exhaust odor
  • Fuel never goes bad unlike destructive
    & harmful Ethanol

Gasoline Single Helm Control2

Helm Control


Vertical Gas Tank


Engine Components


Horizontal Natural Gas Tank


Natural Gas Fill Nozzle

Calculate Your Fuel Savings Now
Estimated number of gallons of gas per year: Gasoline Total Cost Per Year: $ Natural Gas Total Cost Per Year: $ Total Savings $

*Based on an average price of ethanol free gasoline at $3.50 per gallon

**Based on average price of natural gas of $1.00 per GGE***

***GGE stands for Gasoline Gallon Equivalent and allows cost comparison to per gallons of gasoline

****Natural Gas has up to 40% more fuel efficiency than gasoline based on system performance tests

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