On-Board Power Systems and Appliances

Do you have an on-board power generator, a stove, a barbeque, refrigerator, etc… on your boat? Do they run on propane and some on gasoline or another fuel? With our on-board power system package you can convert all your systems to run on clean, affordable natural gas, sharing the same Natural Gas fueling tank as your propulsion engines.   Imagine a one point stop for all your fueling needs, no wasting time filling up multiple systems with multiple fuels at multiple locations. Call us today to see how we can streamline your fueling needs.

Calculate Your Fuel Savings Now
Estimated number of gallons of gas per year: Gasoline Total Cost Per Year: $ Natural Gas Total Cost Per Year: $ Total Savings $

*Based on an average price of ethanol free gasoline at $3.50 per gallon

**Based on average price of natural gas of $1.00 per GGE***

***GGE stands for Gasoline Gallon Equivalent and allows cost comparison to per gallons of gasoline

****Natural Gas has up to 40% more fuel efficiency than gasoline based on system performance tests

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