Now that you have your on-board fuel system, how are you going to fill-up your boat? We have you covered. You can fill up easily with one of our fueling solutions. Choose the option that matches your needs. If you have questions about which solution is right for you, please contact us, we will take the time to explain them to you.


Mobile Fuel Options

The same patented technology that Blue Gas Marine uses for on-board fueling, storage, control and supply of Natural Gas to boat engines has been repurposed into a compact and very efficient temporary gas system that rolls up in a trailer and plugs into any conventional residential, commercial or industrial Natural Gas intake for standard gas needs of any size or quantity, delivering pipeline quality gas to your building or power generation application. This breakthrough is so successful that it became its own division of the company called Blue Gas Express (BGE for short).

A low-cost mobile solution for temporary onsite Natural Gas needs.  The system provides a “plug-and-play” availability for customers seeking Natural Gas supply for a variety of uses: prior to utility hook-up due to construction delays to the permanent pipeline, for new building construction or when existing buildings upgrade to Nat Gas appliances, remote Nat Gas power-generation, during maintenance of gas line or disruption of gas flow, for any reason. BGE technology uses CNG and LNG gas storage methods depending on the application and delivers the same exact gas pressure and the same or better gas quality/purity that the permanent pipeline delivers. Your local Gas Utility usually provides us the gas that we transport to your site and this partnership makes a seamless transition to the permanent pipeline gas when it finally reaches your site.

In addition for marine customers, BGE allows you to offer Natural Gas fuel to your marina immediately and delay the investment of a fixed station until  a local boating market is already well established, or for marinas that want to provide the fuel but are not currently served by a Natural Gas line from the utility company. We manufacture and rent  a fleet of CNG  and LNG mobile units ready to deliver fuel to your building or to your dock with the convenience of computer-controlled remote monitoring. Our mobile stations dispense Natural Gas fuel at a faster rate than Gasoline or Diesel, filling up boats faster. We will help you size and price the best option for your project and will scale the capacity up or down as your needs evolve.  Rent a unit today by calling 919-238-3427 and ask for our Temporary Natural Gas solutions.

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Home Fueling Solution

No lines, no hassle, ready when you are. We can install a small home fill station that will allow you to fill your boat from home, your own private dock, or for commercial use in a dry stack boat storage. It also works for other CNG vehicles you may own. This is the ultimate freedom, as it taps into the natural gas line that comes into your home or other location and you never have to go to another station or marina again. You can spend more time on the water and less waiting in line. This is also the option that saves the most in fuel costs. Imagine filling-up at $.50 for the equivalent of one gallon of gasoline. This unit produces CNG from your gas line and stores it in the CNG tank(s) on-board your boat. Because the gas line pressure is very low, it usually takes several hours for this unit to produce enough CNG to fill-up your tank. Most people just plug-in to the boat at night and leave it charging the tank. It stops automatically when the tank is full, like the gasoline dispensers you are used to. This process takes a few hours if the tank is empty. We carry different models with varying fill speeds. Prices start at $6,000.


On-the Water Public CNG Dock

This solution is ideal for marinas that want to start retailing Natural Gas as an inexpensive and clean American fuel that helps boaters save a lot and keep them enjoying more time on the water. These stations use CNG fuel storage tanks to dispense fuel to boats at a faster rate than Gasoline, so boats can be filled with CNG at a faster rate than dispensing Gasoline. We design these stations to be scalable and grow with the market demand, therefore most can be built at a fraction of the cost of the public CNG stations that already exist on land. Several marinas in the US have construction projects already underway to add our stations and fill Natural Gas boats on the water with CNG with several openings scheduled for this year. Become part of the clean and affordable boating revolution now and inquire about adding a station to your property. We will share with you all the financial and green benefits that marina owners will attract. There are significant Federal and State incentives to fund these. We also help finance this solution in certain locations and in other locations we will operate our own company stations on the water. We can help you locate the marinas in your area where stations will be opening soon. Contact us now about opening a new CNG station.


Public CNG Stations

There are currently 3,000 CNG stations on-land in the US and more are being built every day. You can fill-up your boat at any of these if you transport it by trailer. Our on-board fuel systems are compatible with CNG fueling station standards so you can fill-up at any station on-land or on-the-water. We have an interactive map of the public CNG stations available in your area.  Click here to review the map of locations. Keep in mind that you can also fill-up at certain private stations. Contact us and one of our representatives will help you gain access through our many agreements with private fleet filing stations.

Calculate Your Fuel Savings Now
Estimated number of gallons of gas per year: Gasoline Total Cost Per Year: $ Natural Gas Total Cost Per Year: $ Total Savings $

*Based on an average price of ethanol free gasoline at $3.50 per gallon

**Based on average price of natural gas of $1.00 per GGE***

***GGE stands for Gasoline Gallon Equivalent and allows cost comparison to per gallons of gasoline

****Natural Gas has up to 40% more fuel efficiency than gasoline based on system performance tests

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