Temporary Mobile Natural Gas Solutions: Blue Gas Express (Express) is a low-cost mobile solution for temporary onsite Natural Gas needs.  The system provides a “plug-and-play” availability for customers seeking Natural Gas supply prior to utility hook-up to any building, during maintenance of gas line or disruption of gas flow, for any reason.

  • Low Cost

  • Connects to any Building

  • Fast Set Up and Delivery

  • Easy to Transport

Inside Trailer2


How it works:  Express is trailer mounted and rolls right up to your site where it is connected to the main building gas connection.  The system is fully operable in minutes.  Express is scalable and sized to meet your gas volume needs. Blue Gas will also refill the system, bring it back and hook it back up or train your staff to do so. Blue Gas can also supply any equipment needed for connection or assist with any gas flow or leak testing as needed on a service contract basis.

Keep your business running without lost revenue or keep your construction deadline on track with our low maintenance cost effective solution.

        20′ trailer , medium and large capacity (same outside dimensions)

  BGE Phone 919-238-3427

Customer Review


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“We had the opportunity to work with Bill, Tim, and Miguel at Blue Gas Marine during winter months of 2017-2018. Unfortunately, our natural gas provider was unable to get a gas line to our facility before cold weather set in, and we were in need of an alternate, temporary solution to run our gas furnace.

The guys at Blue Gas Marine were nothing short of fantastic. They were very quick to respond to our request, and we had heat within a few business days of the initial call. In addition, they kept a close eye on our usage, and took care of refilling the tanks as needed and making sure we were aware of the portable unit’s whereabouts at all times. From the beginning, they impressed me with their knowledge and enthusiasm for the service they provide. In short, I would highly recommend Blue Gas Marine to anyone seeking a temporary natural gas solution for their facility.”

Director of Flight Operations – Live Oak Bank

LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas for large scale users (factories, municipalities)

  BGE Phone 919-238-3427

 BGE Phone 919-238-3427

For more information please fill out the form below or call us at     919-238-3427

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Stand alone gas box for small natural gas needs.


Storage Capacity Options

Size Therms Scf Dimensions
Gas Box 25 2,533 74″L x 25″ W x 28″H
Small 80 7,910 16’11″L x 8’W x 7’H
Medium 125 13,004 20’11″L x 8’6″W x 8′ H
Large 251 26,008 20’11″L x 8’6″W x 8′ H
Extra Large >251 >26,008 CNG or LNG

Therms – Gas unit of measurement used by utility company

Scf – Standard cubic feet – gas unit of measurement

Service Options

  • Delivery and hook-up.
  • Commissioning support.
  • Refueling
  • 24 hr maintenance response.


  • Remote Monitoring – Fuel level
  • Pipeline quality gas or better.
  • Connects to standard 110V outlet.
  • Can also be connected to back-up generator (can be supplied by Express).
  • Battery back-up.
  • Meets or exceeds all NFPA onsite safety requirements

Utility meter being fed temporary natural gas.

Example of  Costumers
Carmax Duke Energy
EIG14T Electrolux
FedEx Flying Machine Brewing
Live Oak Bank New Hanover County Schools
Piedmont Natural Gas Peoples Natural Gas of PA
Sanderson Farms Walmart
Calculate Your Fuel Savings Now
Estimated number of gallons of gas per year: Gasoline Total Cost Per Year: $ Natural Gas Total Cost Per Year: $ Total Savings $

*Based on an average price of ethanol free gasoline at $3.50 per gallon

**Based on average price of natural gas of $1.00 per GGE***

***GGE stands for Gasoline Gallon Equivalent and allows cost comparison to per gallons of gasoline

****Natural Gas has up to 40% more fuel efficiency than gasoline based on system performance tests

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