Become an Authorized Installer

Blue Gas Marine, Inc. maintains a network of Authorized Installers for our fuel system. Authorized Installer typically consist of marine service centers with certified technicians for a major engine brand, Yamaha, Mercury, Suzuki, Honda etc… Once a center signs on to be an authorized dealer, their technicians are trained and certified on installation of the Blue Gas Marine Natural Gas Hybrid Fuel System.

Marine Service Centers serve as the direct point of contact with the customer for all maintenance, repair and warranty servicing, with Blue Gas Marine factory support.

To learn about the benefits offered to our Authorized installers contact us at or call 919-238-3427.


Convert Your Fleet to Natural Gas

Maximize your cost savings and increase your return on investment, by converting your entire fleet to natural gas. There are many incentives, rebates, and low-interest loans for converting vehicles to natural gas as well as for the fueling system which reduces the required capital expenditure and increases the ROI.

To learn about the converting your fleet to natural gas contact us at or call 919-238-3427.


Offer Natural Gas at Your Marina

Natural gas has been proven as an alternative fuel for the marine industry. Boaters are now actively seeking opportunities to utilize this fuel and are looking for expanded fill-up options dock side. We offer the fueling solutions and can work with you to add this fuel option to your site. Increased revenue stream, no on the water spills are only two of the many benefits to begin offering this fuel today. To learn about the offering natural gas at your marina contact us at or call 919-238-3427.