Why offer/sell compressed natural gas (CNG) at your Marina?

  1. A new and incremental source of revenue on the sale of CNG.
  1. Make more profit per gallon of gas equivalent (GGE) on CNG over gasoline or diesel. Plus the Federal reimbursement of .50 cents/gallon!
  1. Expand your customer base by selling compressed natural gas (CNG) to boat owners who need CNG. Most systems will be hybrid CNG & Petroleum so they can fill up both at your Marina. Plus sailboats can fill up their cooking tanks.
  1. Blue Gas Marine will coordinate significant positive press and publicity for your business by becoming the first in your region/state/county/market to offer the sale of Natural Gas for boats in your area.
  1. Be the first marina in your market to offer Natural Gas fuel and fuel systems to boaters! There are many incentives, tax credits, and low-interest loans available to offset the cost of a CNG fueling station and reduce the capital expenditure.
  1. Attract public and private boat fleets to become their home base of operations at your facility by being the point of sale for cleaner, safer, more affordable natural gas.
  1. Show your boating community that you care about preserving the boating environment and are actively offering a great solution.
  1. Equip your Marina’s boats (rescue, tow, charters, etc.) with CNG fuel systems and save on fuel costs. The CNG fuel system installed on your boats are tax deductible/depreciable business expenses.
  1. Eliminate all fuel spills on water and land – protects the boating environment that we all rely on.
  1. No fuel spills from boat to boat in your dry stack.