Why Convert Your Marine Fleet To Use Natural Gas?

  1. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a more affordable Fuel and can likely cut your annual fuel spend in half! Natural Gas prices are regulated by the state utility commission and are stable and predictable compared to gasoline.
  1. CNG is a cleaner burning fuel that reduces water pollution by 90% and air pollution by 70%. This protects the marine environment and air quality while protecting the operators of the vessels by drastically reducing airborne carcinogens.
  1. CNG is a safer fuel than gasoline. Natural Gas is a high pressure closed loop system. If there was a leak, the CNG is lighter than air and would dissipate into the atmosphere. CNG can only ignite under the right pressure and temperature. Gasoline is highly explosive and can easily ignite and often spills into the water when filling, can leak fumes which pool into open areas and are extremely flammable, and the gasoline fumes are carcinogenic.
  1. Enabling your marine vessels to use either Natural Gas or Gasoline as a hybrid provides two independent and redundant fuel systems. Having two independent fuel systems on board a vessel is much safer…..if there is any issue with one system, the operator can switch to the other fuel system and still make it back to the base of operations, or continue operations.   Blue Gas Marine’s helm controls allows the operator to switch back and forth between fuels at the press of a button……without turning off the engines and at any speed.
  1. Receive significant positive press and publicity by becoming the first public boat fleet in the country/region/state/county to run its vessels on Natural Gas!
  1. Your constituents and customers will appreciate that you are not only saving money, but also being more environmentally friendly at the same time.
  1. There are many incentives, rebates, and low-interest loans for converting vehicles to natural gas as well as for the fueling system which reduces the required capital expenditure and increases the ROI.
  1. Our local dealer network allows our customers to deal with people they know and trust in their local market to sell, install, and services the Blue Gas Marine natural gas fuel system.