Why Become an Authorized dealer for Blue Gas Marine?

  1. A new and incremental revenue source on the sale and installation of BGM Natural Gas Fuel systems. Nice source of off-season/winter revenue on boat conversions.
  1. Additional revenue can be generated on boat retrofits requiring additional custom work for creative tank and equipment placement (fiberglass, interior work, etc.).
  1. Blue Gas Marine will generate significant positive press and publicity for your business regarding the installation and sale of Natural Gas Fuel systems for boats in your region/market.
  1. Win new customers maintenance and repair business by bringing in boaters from your competitors (other marine service centers) to equip their boats with CNG fuel systems. Increase service revenues by maintaining both petro and Natural Gas fuel systems.
  1. Attract public and private boat fleet contracts to outfit them with Natural Gas fuel systems.
  1. Show the boating community that you care about preserving the boating environment and are actively offering a cleaner, safer, and greener fueling solutions.
  1. Equip your company’s boats with CNG fuel systems to use as demonstration boats and save on fuel costs and as a tax deductible/depreciable business expense.
  1. Be first in your region to take advantage of new BGM products. For example, we are developing Natural Gas fuel systems for converting diesel powered vessels.